Park Run

A call for Volunteers

Belfast Kayak Academy in partnership with LetsGoHydro, organised a number of free 5k (“Hydro Runs“) at Knockbracken Reservoir, which took place on the 3rd Sunday of the summer months (May to Sep).  This has been to evaluate the hosting of a permanent all year PARK RUN at the site.

We held an initial public meeting on 13th April 2019 and started the first 5k run on 19th May 2019.  Initial discussions have also been held with with Park Run team.  Verbal feedback from runners has been very positive - we had approx 50 at each of the 4 events.

The next stage is to gather formal feedback from an online survey and to hold a second public meeting at Knockbracken to recruit 10-15 volunteers and start fund-raising.  This will be held on Saturday 9th November 2019 at 11:30am at the Cafe at LetsGoHydro.  A member of the Park Run team will be in attendance to answer questions and help us with the next steps.

We need to recruit at least 10 volunteers to get a Park Run established.  We also need to raise £3,000 to get the event established - paid to Park Run.  We have a number of funding options that we can discuss at the public meeting.  LetsGoHydro will make the site available for the Park Run.

Please take a moment to compete the online survey - click here or visit

If you would like to volunteer with the running of a permanent Park Run event, and/or with fund-raising, please email us at